Gabriel’s Lyre

Gabriel’s Lyre is Simon Ludgate’s first novel. He is currently looking to develop this horror thriller into a film.

Profound evil powers with a global reach are gathering in the deepest recesses of an eerie castle in the Scottish Highlands. Gareth, a highly-intelligent young man facing the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair, arrives at the castle for a vacation with his troubled parents and their closest friends. Plunged into a terrifying ordeal, the extraordinary nature of the castle’s strange secrets are brutally thrust on all of them. Gareth’s sanity and the complex passions surrounding him are challenged to breaking point in a supernatural game of cat and mouse as the world spirals into the greatest crisis it has ever faced.


Read this and realise that the technology that the author refers to is in fact being used daily, the HAARP, the earthquake triggers, the chemtrailing of the skies to make a superconductive atmosphere to employ the HAARP – a great way to throw some light on what is going on, hidden, while we all live our lives, wrapped up in an all too real life thriller.”

A real page turner. A gripping story, rooted in fact, but fantastical at the same time. A great read !”

Simon Ludgate’s genius is perfectly shown in his brilliant novel of dark suspense and intrigue in an eerie Scottish castle. Buy it now and read this stark story of amazing proportions.”