Torino World Design Capital

Christine Losecaat worked with Torino World Design Capital, together with Michael Thomson, to deliver an international design policy conference and a series of international design showcases throughout the Italian city of Torino.

Shaping the Global Design Agenda

Shaping the Global Design Agenda was an international conference on national design strategies for prosperity and well-being and took place in the Lingotto Conference Centre in Torino.

Design is a powerful tool for innovation and competitiveness. In a globalising world, national policies for design are increasingly recognised as an important means of shaping future prosperity and well being. This is true for both developed and developing economies.

But who exactly are the policies targeted at and what sort of policies are the most effective? What measures can governments initiate to stimulate sustainable innovation through design and what insights can be gained from international best practice in design promotion and design support?

Through exploring current best practice from around the world, this international conference – targeted at design promoters, government policy makers, industrialists, academics, educators and designers – sought to  shape the beginnings of a global design agenda.

International Design Casa

Thinking around other ways of understanding, practising and developing design, “International Design Casa” opened up a comparison between the design culture of Torino and Italy with that of other cities and countries around the world.

Some of the most prestigious bodies linked to design  temporarily found a ‘home’ in Torino and opened the doors to the public to make themselves known, to present their own national design situation, the policies adopted to promote it, and future prospects.

Casas included Austria, Belgium, Central & Eastern Europe, France, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Seoul, Singapore and Spain, all housed in iconic locations throughout the city.