Science & Natural History

Simon Ludgate’s credits include:


Twins Who Share A Body

Rize , United Kingdom – 2012 – Edit Producer

Re-cut and rewrite of original programme for quick turnround. Three pairs of conjoined twins and their stories across three continents. Dicephalic parapegus twins have one body but two heads. There are fewer than ten in the entire world. The programme scored the highest rating in its time slot for the year.


The Plane Crash

Dragonfly , Discovery, United States of America – 2012 – Edit Producer

I was responsible for edit producing a US version of the edit for Discovery with a completely revised script and cut which documented the three year build up and eventual crashing of a commercial jet in the Mexican desert to see what happens to a 40 ton plane on impact.


Japan’s Tsunami: How It Happened

Pioneer Productions , Channel 4, United Kingdom – 2011 – Director

Japan was rocked by a massive 9.0 earthquake on March 11 2011. 20 minutes later a terrifying tsunami 10 metres high washed inland across 20 kilometres of farmland around the north east prefectures. I was on location with a seismologist within two days while the show was assembled back in London. It was broadcast 11 days after the tragedy on C4 in the UK and a few days later in the US on Nova. We experienced repeated aftershocks and the threat of radiation.


100 Days In The Gulf

World TV , United Kingdom – 2011 – Writer/Director

On April 20 2010 the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew up and sank with the loss of 11 lives. It caused one of the worst oil spills on record and made BP public enemy number 1. This film documented the accident and what really happened next despite the media blitz which turned it into the biggest media circus of the century and the government all out assault as Obama’s popularity sank as fast as the rig.


World’s Deadliest Places

Pioneer , Chile – 2010 – Director

Most dangerous regions in the world for earthquakes. Review of recent record-breaking events around the world and predictions for the future on where the next one might be. How buildings are constructed impacts on casualties in populated areas and the progarmme reveals how recent cost-cutting around the world in the way in which buildings are constructed is putting lives at risk. the lessons of Haiti are being quickly forgotten or ignored.


Killer Quake: Why It Happened

Pioneer for Channel 4 and Discovery US , Haiti – 2010 – Producer/Director

Geological investigation of the causes of the quake filmed on location in Haiti two weeks after the quake. I led the team as producer/director with a cameraman, a geologist, two armed guards and two drivers.

The country was in a state of complete anarchy so we had to be 100% self-sufficient down to having our own tents.

We slept 100 yards from the runway at the airport and made our excursions from there around Haiti including borrowing a helicopter.


Ways To Save The Planet

Impossible Pictures , United Kingdom  – 2008 – Writer/Director

Innovative 9 part series on the survival of the planet seen as one big adventure. Presented by Jennifer Languell, Basil Singer and Kevin O’Leary. Uniquely, scientists were given the opportunity of financial backing for their ideas by the programme. The very topical theme was investing in geo-engineering solutions to the threat of global warming. “Scrubbing The Air Clean” commissioned the development, design, build and testing of an innovative low-energy ultra-efficient capture device which can absorb the world’s transport emissions of CO2, a potent greenhouse gas, to the tune of 6 billion tons a year.


Into Alaska

Pioneer, National Geographic, USA  – 2007 – Writer/Director

3×60 min of 8 visitor’s natural history guide to year-round Alaska presented by Jeff Corwin where Jeff experienced all four seasons, mushed Huskies with a sled, raced a skidoo against an Iditarod husky race winner, stood on Alaska’s tallest peaks in -30c and observed Humpback whales close up.


Into The West

Pioneer, National Geographic, USA  – 2007 – Director

4 x 60 min episodes of a new 8 part series hosted by Jeff Corwin on North American National Parks, the wildlife and the scenery. Includes encounters with mountain lions, wolves, snakes and elk and ranch life across Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Washington State.


Investigation Earth

Pioneer, United Kingdom – 2007 – Director

60 min pilot for a wildlife series hosted by Jeff Corwin. Kenya’s disappearing lion population was chosen as the focus for the first episode.


The Year The Earth Went Wild

Pioneer , Channel 4, United Kingdom – 2006 – Director/Cameraperson

Location director/cameraman for 120 minute special for Channel 4 on natural disasters in 2005. Covered Pakistan earthquake, Indonesian tsunami and European floods.


Naked Science

Pioneer, National Geographic, USA – 2005 – Producer/Director

2×60′ episodes in Naked Science series for National Geographic Channel US on tsunamis and volcanoes. Filmed on Hi-Def in US, Indonesia and Hawaii.


Bermuda Triangle

Pioneer , National Geographic, USA – 2004 – Writer/Director

Writer and Director of 60′ science programme in Pioneer’s Naked Science series for National Geographic TV US on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Re-flew recreation of the famous Flight 19 featured at the start of Close Encounters to tempt the ghosts.


Surviving Nature

Pioneer , National Geographic, USA – 2004 – Writer/Director

60′ documentary for new broad-based science flagship series Naked Science. Second episode I’ve directed in the series for National Geographic TV US. This one is on the emotional personal cost of extreme weather. Filmed mainly in the US.