Factual Entertainment

Time Team

Videotext , United Kingdom – 2013 – Producer/Director

Two episodes from the final 20th season of Channel 4 archaeology series hosted by Tony Robinson. TT changed blank expressions about British archaeology to “who’s doing the geophys?” and revolutionised an academic skill into a popular pastime. Oakham is the best-preserved Norman Castle in the UK and Dundrum Castle is an important Norman castle in Northern Ireland.


Time Team

Wildfire , United Kingdom – 2013 – Director

One of the last Time Team episodes after 20 seasons. It is a very different directing experience on a well-established format where everyone knows their exact role and what’s required from week to week. The induction and familiarisation process was very smooth although demanding. This episode featured Dundrum Castle in Northern Ireland.


The Tallest Tower: Building The Shard

Prospect Pictures , United Kingdom – 2012 – Edit Producer

A quick turnaround of three weeks made this project challenging. I was part of the post-production team. We wrote a new script, reordered the structure and created new sequences from four years’ rushes. Building the Shard was a fascinating challenge and the edit was every bit as absorbing. There was intense focus between the team and the C4 Commissioners. The end result was not much short of miraculous in the time frame.



BBC (Bristol) , United Kingdom – 2006 – Writer/Director

Returning series featuring presenter Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team as they rescue another victim of DIY hell.


No Waste Like Home

BBC 2 , United Kingdom – 2005 – Producer/Director

New format eco series with new eco-warrior presenter Penney Poyzer for BBC2 examining how good or bad Brit families are on recycling and use of resources. (Answer: not very good! 18% recycle compared to 45% in Canada.)